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Manual Therapy

is a hands-on approach to addressing pain and immobility by releasing tight muscles, restricted joints, and scar tissue in order to reduce pain and inflammation and improving mobility and function. It is used to treat headaches, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, pelvic dysfunction, hip/knee/foot/ankle pain, and arthritis.


Acupuncture &
Dry Needling

are therapeutic needling techniques that use very fine sterilized needles to penetrate the body to help reduce pain, swelling, tight muscles, compressed nerve roots and muscle imbalances. Acupuncture inserts needles into specific points along meridian pathways which have been defined by traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Dry Needling is used for treating chronic pain syndromes that result from musculoskeletal dysfunction.


Exercise Prescription

 includes postural correction, muscle balancing, and alignment. Kirsty worked as a personal trainer for nearly 10 years before beginning her career as a physiotherapist, so her knowledge of exercise regimes is very vast and thorough.

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